A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Luxuriance is a Sci-Fi Metroidvania where you explore the lush ruins of a space station. Use your analysis beam wisely to interact with your environment and unravel the truth behind the the whole mess.

Install instructions

 Mouse and keyboard, use AZERTY config.


LuxurianceV15_3.zip 70 MB
LuxurianceV15_3Mac.app.zip 75 MB


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This is an awesome foundation! The art style is awesome and the atmosphere is really haunting and isolating. I think the jump needs a little bit of work, but it's a damn fine start. I was thoroughly impressed by the mechanical storytelling though, the ending in particular. The scanner is fantastic too. I hope that you decide to expand on this, because you've started something great here!

Has potential, it will be cool to see what the station hides.

Salut ! Franchement j'ai vraiment apprécié jouer à Luxuriance! j'en veux plus c'était pas assez long haha! Continue de le développer et fait nous plusieurs levels ! 

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